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Our Dental Implant Services

Tooth loss can happen for a variety of reasons, such as a severe accident or unchecked decay. Whatever the cause, Dr. Kayode Onanuga’s first priority is to provide durable, lifelike replacements as soon as possible. Patients find multiple reconstructive solutions at our Catonsville location, but our team strongly recommends dental implants due to their oral health and aesthetic benefits. Contact us today to schedule a consultation so we can determine whether implants are the right choice for you.

The Dental Implant Process

Dental implants involve a big commitment, but Dr. Onanuga will work with you closely throughout the entire process so each step goes smoothly. The first step, once we’ve determined that you’re a good candidate for the procedure, is the surgical placement of your implant(s) into the jawbone. Once this is complete, the implant is allowed to successfully fuse with the natural tissue, creating a strong foundation for dental restorations. Finally, you’ll return to Catonsville Dental Center so Dr. Onanuga can place brand-new, high-quality restorations that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. We know you’ll be amazed by how lifelike the results are.

 Why do dental implants work so well? The secret is in their structure. Traditional replacement solutions only replicate the visible portion of the tooth, also known as the crown. While patients enjoy the renewed aesthetics of these options, the part of the tooth beneath these restorations may become decayed, which leads to their possible loss. Dental implants avoid these issues due to the placement of both an artificial tooth root (titanium implant) and a beautiful, durable dental prosthetic.

Implant-Retained Prosthetics

If a patient has experienced significant tooth loss, placing and restoring an individual implant for each gap may become too cost-prohibitive. In these cases, we design custom-made prosthetics that attach to a small number of implants. If you’re a current denture-wearer but you’re dissatisfied with the lack of a tight fit, please ask Dr. Onanuga about altering your denture to attach to implants instead.